Jon and his wife started in 1998 and now own / operate 4 UPS Stores. Wilmington Island, Port
Wentworth, and 2 on Abercorn Street.

Mailboxes Etc. was started in 1980 and purchased by UPS in 2001, name changed to UPS Stores in 2003.

There are now 4,674 – the #1 non-food franchise in the world.

UPS Stores now harbour many services – packaging – supplies – receiving and mailing of packages –
provision of boxes with mail and package forwarding. All services for Small Business (50% of which
operate out of peoples’ houses). In addition, extensive printing and design of promotional material
along with the subsequent mailing.

Usual UPS package handling is enhanced by “Pack and Ship Guarantee” if the store does the packaging.
Shipping of high value items – 100% reimbursement after special packaging is used.

Lastly, UPS Stores are doing more community projects such as Toy 4 Tots and collecting books for
distribution to needy groups.