Hank Gloss, who closed his general equipment rental business and now concentrates on providing all the tables, chairs, linens, silverware, generators for lighting and power, etc. needed for weddings and other important events. He subcontracts any tents required because of liability concerns. He can deploy up to 1,000 chairs he has handled groups from 14 – 500.

They can have up to 5 events on a Saturday busy time typically from March through November

Locations anywhere in Savannah down to Tybee. Parks have to be reserved due to the demand for weddings.

Hank’s competition has just abandoned Savannah and returned to Bluffton.

The only equipment rental business Hank now does is for grinding and concrete cutting / finishing. He has recently done the new Kohl’s floor finishing project.

He thanked several EAS members for past business.