Company started in 1975 by Roy Williamson – Chris’ Uncle – as River Street Doors – with a partner who Roy bought out after a few years. The plant was moved to Garden City in 1989 into 13,000 sf where it has remained.

Chris went to work for Roy in 1996 after graduating from UGA and stayed until 2001; he then spent 4 years with John Shealy where he “had a good time and learned a lot”. He returned to work for Williamson Cabinets and completed the buy-out on Dec 28 2005. He operates as Custom Cabinets (sub of Williamson Millworks LLC) They have increased from 12 to 26 employees.

Business is now picking up and an addition of 10,000 sf is planned to house a new $200 K Router which will allow spe4cial jobs to be taken on.