JUNE 24 2014

Janiking started in Dallas in 1969. It now has 87 offices with 10,000 franchisees. The business is that of supplying janitorial and clean-up services both on a contract basis and also special projects.Greg, and his partner Rich, began in 2006 in Augusta – Savannah 2007 – Macon 2009 – SW Georgia 2011 – Naples FL 2013. These are territorial franchises allowing Greg to contract individual business units under his management. They now have 109 such units in 5 regions, with 5 more pending agreements. 31 of these are in Savannah.

The individual units cost $25,000 to buy – chiefly Mom/Pop operations – bill $8 – 10,000 / month. Greg now has 30 people providing customer service at the Augusta HQ – 880 total customer base. Janiking guarantees customers to its small franchise owners and therein provides the value for working under their aegis.