After school in Monroe LA 1975, Wes went to work for a Mechanical Contractor in Atlanta working on sprinkler systems in Columbus GA. This company moved him to Savannah and then fired him in 1983. He started Champion Fire and grew slowly until the construction down-turn in 2010 / 2011 which reduced him to $3 million revenue, principally Service contracts which saved his bacon.

Wes’ second son, Clint works with him.

Champion has good experience installing the Foam Dispensing systems which his promo video amply demonstrated. These are especially in airplane hangars and similar installations.

Since 2008 they have promoted the Life Safety Code Standard which is followed by the City.

Cost of installing in new home construction is $1.61 per SF which is insignificant given the following:

  • Lowers insurance rates
  • 80% of home fatalities are fire-related
  • 90% of fires are extinguished by 1 sprinkler head
  • Fire Dept puts 250 gals / min vs. sprinkler 15 gals/min. Water damage is much less.

NB Maintenance contracts are necessary because of falling water pressure over time, as more buildings are added to a system. Especially the houses in a development.